Attractions of Abkhazia

Attractions of Abkhazia (complete list)

Abkhazia attractions by city:
Attractions of Gagra
Attractions of Ghali
Attractions of Gudauta
Attractions of New Athos
Attractions of Ochamchyra
Attractions of Pichundy
Attractions of Sukhumi
Attractions of Tkuarchalar

Abkhazia — a country with an uncertain status, as its territory claimed by two other countries: Georgia and Russia. Without going into the political rights, but remember that Georgia itself not so long ago was part of Russia, for a simple layman Abkhazia is a different country to visit is not necessary to make an overseas visa (for residents of Russia and Georgia).

As of October 2008, the population of Abkhazia already 67 different nations, so that the tourists will see as every nation is trying to do something original of their own culture.

Name of country of Abkhazia is the Russian version, the indigenous population of Abkhazia call their country Apsny. This can be seen in any passport of a local resident, as there are two variants of writing the country, which is somewhat surprising.

Territorial borders of Abkhazia and Russia to the north and to the south of Georgia. And the Black Sea Abkhazia borders Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The coastal location of the country do not let the temperature drop to below zero (the average temperature in January is 2 — 4), and in the summer to 30 degrees, so a visit to Abkhazia kind of thing you never need.

At this point in Abkhazia, there are 8 cities and 105 villages.

Administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Abkhazia:

  1. Gagra district
  2. Gudauta District
  3. Sukhumi district
  4. Gulrypshsky area
  5. Ochamchira district
  6. Tkvarcheli (Tkuarchalsky) district
  7. Gal (Gal) district

Cities Abkhazia

  1. Gagra
  2. Ghali
  3. Gudauta
  4. New Athos
  5. Ochamchyra
  6. Pichundy
  7. Sukhumi
  8. Tkuarchal

Unfortunately, that Abkhazia is called the river, town or village without the knowledge of the specific deal will not work. Here is an example: The river is located in the village of three villages:

River-Agu (actual river)
Sachin (Sachino)
So if you are interested in some kind of attraction of Abkhazia, it is better to rely on the opinion of the local population, since You can easily mix up the names.

In Abkhazia, of course, is something to see, as history of this region goes to the very distant past.

Attractions of Abkhazia (of course, not all, but only a part):

  1. New Athos Monastery
  2. Athos Cave
  3. Karst caves mountain — Arabica (mountain)
  4. Lake Riza
  5. Gegsky Falls
  6. Stalin’s dacha (a total of 5)
  7. Sukhumi Botanical Garden
  8. Sukhumi Institute of monkeys
  9. Colonnade in Gagra
  10. House of a merchant in Pitsunda
  11. The observation deck in Gagra
  12. Historic buildings
  13. Monuments dedicated to the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict
  14. Blue Lake
  15. Waterfalls: Milk, Bird, Girl’s tears Men’s tears, etc.
  16. Honey house, on the way to the lake. Rizza
  17. Abkhazian Drama Theatre (Sukhumi)
  18. Restaurant Gagrypsh
  19. Fortress in Gagra
  20. Athos Falls — HPS
  21. Stone River Gorge Bzyb (gorge «stone bag»)
  22. Necropolis Tsebelda culture
  23. Museum «abazgi
  24. karst caves at the source of the river Mchishta (Black)
  25. Gold Coast and
  26. Myussera (Misr)
  27. Fortress Abahvatsa

For lovers of the natural attractions of Abkhazia

Waterfalls Abkhazia

  1. Gegsky (Circassian) waterfall
  2. WATERFALL maiden tears
  3. WATERFALL men weep
  5. Waterfalls in Novy Afon (New Athos waterfall)
  6. WATERFALLS mountain village HABYU
  9. GUPSKY waterfall «ASHTADU»
  11. MERHEUL-Olginskoye FALLS

To visit Abkhazia you need only Russian rubles, but if necessary, you can always exchange your currency in the banks of any of Abkhazia.

Attractions by region of Abkhazia

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