Monument to the Russian coat of arms

Monument to the Russian coat of armsMonument to the Russian coat of arms

In 1991 Omsk was a monument to the Russian coat of arms. He was the first monument of bronze double-headed eagle.
Originally, the monument was installed double-headed eagle on the square at the River Station, but in 2000 he moved to the city center and placed in Tobolsk gate being constructed specifically for this pedestal, and a memorial was installed strictly in the middle of Tobolsk gate.

But again, something has changed and in 2007 a monument to mark the two-headed eagle was again moved, but this time not so far away, but just for a couple of feet moved, but that’s only if he had been on a pedestal, then this time it just stuck in the ground.

In the original version on the column was a sign saying: «This castle, as the middle of the Irtysh and the New … All the lines of the road, for they came together in the center, you can call for any reason, mainly, which should be the Chief’s always those lines commander. II Springer. »
What such a center line was supposed to marry this column do not understand, but it does not matter, because movement has changed the whole meaning. Now it’s more a reminder that Russia was a large number of revolutions, civil fighting for their ideals. And the double-headed eagle is the peak of what people can achieve.
On the one hand, this coat of arms of Russia and the other the result of all the battles for civil ideals. For most, it’s probably an ugly bird, but it is this ugly bird represents the achievements of our country. And if my memory serves me, that means the two-headed, she stares at your enemies and do not allow them to attack unexpectedly.

Monument to the Russian coat of arms

Monument to the Russian coat of arms

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