Fountain of the Three Graces

Fountain of the Three Graces

Abkhazia is a beautiful resort full of many architectural attractions of Gagra, the magnificent evergreen parks and of course located on the shores of the Black Sea and that’s all we can say, without doubt, of Gagra. As this city is divided arbitrarily into two parts: the Old Gagra (built up until the revolution in 1917) and New Gagra (built up during the Soviet era after the ’20s). Old Gagra is the most picturesque part of the city, as it contains most of the historical monuments.

From the side entrance to the city borders open space, which bears the famous and certainly the glorious name of Gagarin. Right in the center of this area and is one of the most outstanding monuments — the fountain of Three Graces

As is well known in ancient Rome, graces were the goddess of grace and beauty. In Greek mythology, was the name of Graces — the goddess of youth, happiness, beauty and joy that embodies the good and femininity. It is believed that their father was Zeus and Eurynome. They were accompanied by the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. In addition, they were the company and Amur. Each of them has had several names, but the most common were: Aglaia, which means shiny, Euphrosyne, Thalia — the joy and blooming, respectively.

So it is no wonder that the image of precisely these goddesses was hugely popular in the art of ancient Greece, and their image is found in coins and mosaics, and frescoes, and of course they devoted a lot of sculptures.

Fountain «The Three Graces» embodies the good and friendship, before the tourists after long hikes could wash and drink fresh water out of it, which came on the ceramic water supply directly from the alpine mountains. The author of this architectural creation is not known. What is known is that it started life in the 30 years of the twentieth century.

In ancient times the Graces depicted in their traditional dress, but in the III century BC, they appeared naked eyes. Perhaps, therefore, in this sculpture they appeared in the clothes, although the time that there was this monument, also dictated its moral rules.

It is unfortunate that after the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, has not yet been restored many monuments and fountains. And, unfortunately, the Fountain «The Three Graces» is no exception, although only about 20 years ago out of it flowed clean mountain water and an incredible number of people could quench their thirst or simply freshen up after a grueling tour.

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